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Push-It by aaronblohowiak

Push-It gives you an API for realtime pub/sub in the browser.
On the server, it gives you hooks for security and message routing.
It is fast and cross-browser compatible.

The design takes the best of bayeux, layers it on top of and provides you a simple and clear way to define security for your application.

With callbacks, you can easily customize the system to provide security and message-routing functionality.

The system is designed with scaling in mind, so you will be able to run multiple Push-It servers without worrying about sticky sessions once Socket.IO supports pluggable persistence. Please email if this is something you require.


Self-contained on the client. On the server, Push-It is tested with Node.JS 0.2.0, Redis 1.3.17 and STOMP 1.0. Redis and STOMP are optional.




Aaron Blohowiak (


Aaron Blohowiak (


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